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Can a scent affect my mood?

Research suggests that scent does have an affect on our mood. A certain scent might immediately trigger a memory of being on holiday, in a certain place, a loved one. I know whenever I smell sun cream, memories of holidays flood back, as that scent is exactly linked to a specific time.

So if you’ve had an experience where there was a specific smell, chances are that when you smell it again at a later date you will remember that moment.

In my experience that moment is associated with a feeling, and by remembering that moment may bring back that feeling too, which may well affect your mood.

Sometimes we can just smell a scent that doesn’t trigger a memory but it just makes us feel good, calm, and inwardly relaxed.

I remember walking into a field of wild plants and flowers in France a couple of years ago which was surrounded by Pine woods. The sun had been shining for half the day so the thick aroma of these plants was in the air, the smell was incredible and instantly my mood was lifted, it was an amazing experience.

I’ve noticed it too at other times such as walking in a field of lavender, the sun heats up the plants, the oils mix with the air and the smell is wonderful. Lavender has a smell that is very calming and relaxing, and after a stressful journey to get there that day (long queue on motorway as they closed the road) I definitely felt my mood change to calm and relaxed.

No wonder then that later on I discovered that lavender is also used as a sleep aid as it is renowned as having a very relaxing effect calming us down.

Citrus scents also affect our mood helping us to feel more awake, productive, and calmer.

Scents such as Baked Cookie might remind us of Grandma.

What are your thoughts about scent affecting mood? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below…

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