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Your most common questions answered…

What is a Reed Diffuser?

A Green Laurels reed diffuser is a liquid air freshener that is oil based that disperses scent via the reeds. They are long lasting sustainable reed diffusers that are vegan, alcohol free, phthalate-free, paraben-free.

What is the purpose of reed diffusers ?

Aside from making your room smell lovely they are very good for aromatherapy as they allow various oils to be enjoyed in your room. A reed diffuser can last far longer than a scented candle and safer due to not needing a naked flame. A great way to create the perfect atmosphere, aide relaxation for aromatherapy and give peace of mind without a candle’s flame.

An oil based diffuser can also be used where an electric one can not for scents as citrus oils which are photosensitive.

Are reed diffusers safe in the bedroom?

Since they sit there and have no naked flame they are generally regarded as safe. It is recommended though to find out beforehand if anyone has any respiratory issues to be careful about using any kind of fragrance. If someone has allergies or Asthma it is not suitable since some oils used may contain allergens which could trigger or allergies or bring on an asthma attack.

Are Reed diffusers safe for babies ?

Generally diffused essential oils in the air are regarded as safer than using them on skin. However, some people can still find them irritating. It is not advised to use them in classrooms or public spaces. It is generally not advised to diffuse essential oils around infants under 6 months old.

Is reed diffuser safe for cats and dogs?

Oils in diffusers are diluted but certain scents can be dangerous to cats and dogs and possibly have psychological effects, however the effects are quite rare. If your pet has a medical condition such as asthma then be extra careful.

Certain scents are regarded as pet-safe such as Lavender, Lemongrass, Vanilla, and some citrus oils are not recommened for cats such as Orange and Bergamot.

The best advice if you are unsure about a certain scent is to check with your vet and seek their advice.

Are reed diffusers worth it ?

Green Laurels diffusers are oil based and don’t contain alcohol, which means they last far longer. Generally expected to last 4-6 months, but customers have come back after a year saying their diffuser is still going…

Diffusers can be particularly effective in small spaces such as halls and bathrooms filling the room with a pleasant smell.

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How many reed diffuser sticks to use?

To gain the best ‘strongest’ result it is a good idea to use all the provided reeds in the bottle. If you want a slightly weaker scent then some sticks can be removed, or they can be flipped less often. If you want a stronger scent then feel free to add as many as will fit in the neck of the bottle. It is completely up to you… However, the more you add, and the more you flip them the faster the oil will avaporate and slowly dissolve away.

How often should I turn my reed sticks ?

If you flip your reeds over roughly once every one or two weeks you should find you have a lovely scent flowing around your room. Each ‘flip’ will give a burst of scent, but be mindful that flipping the reeds too often will speed up how quickly the oil evaporates.

Why do reed diffusers stop working ?

Over time you may notice the reeds become less effective to diffuse the scent well. They can become clogged eventually with oil and dust. When you notice the smell in the room isn’t as strong as you would like, try carefully flipping the sticks over to boost the aroma.

Can Reed Diffuser sticks be reused ?

Reeds that have been used should be replaced if they’ve been in use for 6 months or more.

Oil and dust clog the reeds over time so fresh reeds will give a better result after this time. It is not a good idea to reuse used reeds in different scents, the cells of the reeds are already filled with the current oil so won’t be effective at diffusing the new scent.

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