Cotton or Ramie Sisal soap bags


Choose from the beautifully handmade Crochet soap bags, or the natural coloured Sisal Ramie soap bag.

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These are a great way to help the soap last even longer

Using a soap saver bag causes the soap to really lather up further releasing the aromas of the soap for your enjoyment.
– Suitable for bathing, washing hands, showering.By hanging after use, the pouch is able to dry quickly.
– It can be filled with your favourite soap or aromatic herbs and placed around the house for an attractive air freshener.

Choose from the photo which bag/s you would like – coloured bags are numbered for easy selection


Ramie: Natural, 1 Cotton Pastel Yellow, 2 Cotton Bright Yellow, 3 Cotton Bright Pink, 4 Cotton Pastel Pink, 5 Cotton Light Brown, 6 Cotton Dark Brown, 7 Cotton Turquoise, 8 Cotton Pastel Blue, 9 Cotton Light Blue, 10 Cotton Blue, 11 Cotton Charcoal


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