Purify Festival

Every now and again something special happens. You can’t predict when or where it will happen but when it does it is like a breath of fresh air!

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the day to day stuff, working hard, keeping busy, not having enough time, always having more to do and worrying about all the little things that get forgotten about because time or situations hold us back.

Certainly that is true for me as I’ve been creating and working in my business for over 3 years without a break living the ups and downs until this weekend happened!

I worked, if you can call it that (It didn’t feel like work!), with my stall and the Purify Festival, in Dorset. I say it like that because it really didn’t feel like work. Held at Moonacre, a beautiful valley with tents and glamping pods partly hidden in wooded areas and on the hills. There was a canvas building that housed the main stage for the bands to play and a fantastic row of stalls offering reiki massages, hair braids, face painting, fortune telling, there was lovely food too with stone baked pizza, fahitas, and coffee with amazing waffles, and so much more, and of course my products too.

In the evening from dusk it was too dark to work so stalls generally closed and so I was able to let my hair down a little and mingle.

There was an open fire pit that people stood round and that drew a crowd as the fresh cold air melted away from the fires heat and we shared some great stories and got to know each other whilst we could hear and enjoy the music being played. The atmosphere was so relaxed and peaceful in the beautiful surroundings that the energy just flowed around us and increased the incredible vibes. The conversations just flowed and carried us through the night, meeting new people, enjoying the atmosphere and having a great time.

In the mornings people were able to rise in a relaxed manner, enjoying a hot brew from either the hot water urn available or from a camp fire kettle. I enjoyed walking up the hill from my green tent and sitting on a log overlooking the view of the site which was such a glorious location, a gorgeous green valley, we were all blessed with great weather over the weekend. From an initial forecast of persistent rain to mostly dry and with lots of sun.

The music was great too, the local bands that played were clearly very talented musicians who played either on the main stage or in the ‘acoustic wood’ which was magical in itself. So whether you listened to the Mother Ukers, Amber Lowe, Outlandish or one of the many others, there was definitely something to be very much enjoyed by all.

I was specially invited to have a reiki massage from a combined effort from Altruistic Therapies and Oliver Bennett and by chance ‘Fly Yeti Fly’ were playing in the open air at the time which led to the most amazing sensory experience. Very relaxing and really did feel like the cherry on top of a very well made favourite cake, where everybody enjoyed a decent slice.

I was lucky to see inside some of the van conversions where people have made living space in their vans, one even had a log fire inside โ€“ Very inspired and impressed with that!!

One of the nicest things is that a bunch of people came together from many different areas and made this event really work, we arrived as strangers but left as friends.

I am very excited to hear there is another Purify Festival being planned for next year and I really can not wait to be there again!!

Many thanks to Danni and Roz for founding something so successful!!

10 thoughts on “Purify Festival”

  1. Hello Simon.
    So lovely to hear you put into words, what we all felt in our hearts.
    It was a great reminder of the good in people rather than looking at all things wrong with the world today. It felt like a community of like minded people coming together and supporting each other bringing out our best sides.
    It was such a honour and pleasure to have connected with you and everyone involved.
    A real tonic for the heart and soul.
    You are a bright shinny star Simon and look forward to meeting you again my friend.

  2. Reading this just made my heart so full. Beautifully written and your words resonate with how I perceived the weekend to be to. I have been elevated by wonderful company and conversations. Hope to catch you in a field somewhere soon. ๐ŸŒฑ๐Ÿ™๐ŸŒฑ

  3. An absolute gent to take the time to write such a detailed and heartfelt review.
    Listening to Fly Yeti Fly must have been the perfect sum up in the closing minutes!! We were listening amongst the birdsong and getting teary ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  4. Simon –
    You have created a lovely review for what was a truly delightful weekend, shared by gentle souls, like minded folk & plenty of tea and chats! Feeling blessed to have met you and look forward to sharing space with you in the fields again sometime soon!

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