Sustainability – What does it mean?

What does it mean to be more sustainable?
With an ever increasing awareness that we need to do more to heal and protect the planet, issues like sustainability and recycling are gaining a greater interest.
Buying sustainable products starts with looking at the ingredients and working out where they are derived from.
Candles for instance are usually paraffin or soy.  However paraffin is distilled from crude oil which is a finite resource, it will run out and therefore definitely not sustainable.
The Soy bean on the other hand is easily grown and can be replanted and is therefore incredibly sustainable.
There are other advantages to soy wax such as a longer burn time and it is said to be a much cleaner burn too.
I have spoken to many people who have mentioned headaches when burning paraffin candles, and yet never had any headaches when burning soy candles.
Another great way to help sustainability is to look for products that are supplied in recyclable packaging.  At Green Laurels, we supply items in card and glass that can be recycled, glassine bags that are compostable and avoid single use plastic.

The box above is a great example of the careful thought that has gone into the packaging. Soaps are in card boxes, as is the shampoo bar in a box, completely avoiding the need for a plastic bottle. The shampoo bar typically last 7-8 times longer than liquid shampoo proving extremely good value.

The bath salts come in glass containers with either a cork lid as seen in the above photos or a metal lid for the larger glass jars. The tubes in the photo give a great taster for the scents available in bath salts. the whole Dreamzzz box also makes a perfect gift for family or a loved one at Christmas. they can be purchased individually or as a subscription box.

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