Can Lavender help?

Lavender Fields

If you get the chance to visit a field of lavender it’s really impressive and worth your time. Great to smell the aroma and see such vibrant colour!

It’s a wonderful smell and so relaxing too, having a calming effect, the smell can really help relax and is great before bed. A reed diffuser set up in a bathroom can really help fill the room with the scent and promote an air of gentle calmness before getting into bed.

Some people find it helps to use a room spray and freshen the air with the lavender scent, whilst another popular use is to spray the pillow with a fine mist so you can breath in the restful scent of lavender as you lay there.

Lavender is great for sleep as it is renowned for being a relaxing scent. It is often used for anxiety and stress as well as insomnia, but can also be useful for other things such as depression, dementia, and other conditions, but there no reliable scientific evidence to support these uses.

Did you know the lavender buds can also be eaten? They can add a delicate flavour to foods and work well in buscuits, or tea cakes. In Germany, lavender tea has been approved as a supplement to treat sleep disruptions, restlessness, and even stomach irritation.

There are many lavender scented products that I produce from aromatherapy such as reed diffusers and room sprays, but also there are the other products such as lavender soap, shampoo bars, and bath salts.

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