Did someone mention the ‘C’ Word?

Hello, I thought I would take some time out to let you know about my plans – for Christmas!

It was a fantastically busy time for me last year and I enjoyed the thrill of Christmas and creating festive season scents despite the last minute news of a lockdown !

I learnt a lot about the importance of sticking to support early orders last December. As a result I am pleased to advise The Green Laurels site will have a dedicated Christmas emporium this year!

I know everyone moans about Christmas coming early ! I have picked a sensible launch date of the 25th of September! I will remind you just before launch with a Christmas update and some product information. As some of you remember my Christmas products and gift ideas were a mix of traditional and new Christmas scents giving you the opportunity to mix and match to suit every mood and occasion.

If you’ve signed up to my newsletter you will know how much I love my products and creating handcrafted, lovely manufactured goods that make perfect gifts. I still have time to create one new Christmas scent before the Christmas build up. Please let me know what you would like to see in my Christmas shop for launch – Please message me!

As always I enjoy your ideas and feedback on my portfolio. Please contact me if you would like to know anything more about my business or the Christmas Emporium. It will be Christmas before you know it!

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